Welcome to the MicroCirculation Institute of Charlotte where we are passionate about showing people how the body can heal itself through improved microcirculation. Imagine help with low energy, poor sleep, achy joints, sports injuries, poor cardiac function, aging issues, and more without pills, diets or exercise.

The Traditional medical system has severely failed us by addressing symptoms only through the over prescription of toxic medication which have many negative side effects. The body is able to heal itself quickly and efficiently without toxic drugs and in many cases no surgical procedures are required. Here at the MicroCirculation Institute we get to the underlying cause of your problem which in most cases is poor circulation in the microvessels. Once that is remedied, the healing can begin almost immediately! In many instances, we can see results in as little as 8 minutes

Increasing your blood flow can provide you:


More Energy

Better Sleep

Better Health

Improved Blood Sugar Issues

Better illness Prevention

More Strength

Better Concentration

Better Mental Acuity

Better Intimacy/ Performance

More Endurance

Faster Recuperation

Better Cardiac function

Less Joint Discomfort

Anti Aging benefits


Watch this video of Mark Gilewicz

Owner of the Micro- Circulation Institute of Charlotte located in the better brain and body human optimization center.


Watch this video of Dr. Brown and Dr. Brindisi

Voted 2018’s ‘Best Chiropractor’ by South Charlotte Lifestyle Magazine. Dr Alicia Brown and Dr. Lauren Brindisi are both Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists.

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We are dedicated to educating those who are interested in being proactive in maintaining a vibrant, active and productive lifestyle – regardless of age! Scientific and technological advancements have allowed us to individualize health recommendations based on your own body’s specific needs.

If you truly value your health and are interested in becoming the best version of YOU – contact us to schedule a FREE counsultation and FREE therapy session.

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