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Mark Gilewicz

Mark has over 30 years of health and wellness experience and is passionate about helping people get their health back as well as not having to worry about being diagnosed. He has years of experience helping people when he owned a health food store and had a radio talk show called Health is your Wealth. He has a degree from UNC Chapel Hill in business and communications as well as a certification in personal nutrition. Mark also owns a health and wellness company in Europe and travels there each year. You can also hear him on some Tuesdays at 12:00 PM EST as he is one of the hosts on Bemer Blog Talk Radio where people call in to give their life changing testimonials. When in Charlotte, he loves meeting with people at his MicroCirculation Institute. To view PEMF technology please visit: better.bemergroup.com

Peg Casey

Peg is a graduate of Monmouth University with a double major in math and psychology. She was a collegiate diver and continued her interest in sports with an aerobics business earlier in life and participation in triathlons into her 60’s. She recently sold her publishing business to work full time serving others in the holistic field. She loves helping her clients get healthy.

Dan Geiser

Dan graduated from Ohio State University and opened his CPA practice in 1990. His objective is to minimize taxes for clients. He is the director of the Mecklenburg Kiwanis Pediatric Cancer Fund that funds children with cancer. He is involved with the Mecklenburg Aktion Club that helps disabled and disadvantaged adults. Dan is pleased to be involved with the Microcirculation Institute of Charlotte that promotes healthy living.

Jack White

Jack is a research scientist and owner of Alpha Team Medical, a medical and wellness technology marketing company. Jack graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry Minor. Jack’s passion is to transform people’s health and life by educating, empowering and equipping them with the BEMER technology for improving and optimizing physical performance and condition.

Steve Fazia

Steve graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a B.S. in biological sciences with medical school aspirations. Instead, he went into the business world, eventually going to work for a major pharmaceutical company, which exposed him to the shortcomings of conventional healthcare. Steve became interested in a more integrative approach to addressing health issues. His research led him to the burgeoning field of immunotherapy, whereby treatments that affect the immune system are used in various diseases such as cancer. Steve worked in both retail and hospital pharmacy, retiring from Novant in 2018 to spend full time in health and wellness. His interest in Bemer technology lies in its complementary effect with natural immunotherapy protocols.

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