Dr. VanHeule

Quick recovery from fractured ankle, more energy, better sleep, aches and discomfort gone.


Got her life back from a debilitating head injury.


Quality of life dramatically restored after a life filled with physical injuries.


Quick healing after a broken toe and then a car accident plus aches and discomfort gone as a Massage Therapist.

Dr. Donna

Quality of life restored after surviving a major illness and changing lives in her practice.

Dr. Blankenship

Immediate help for excruciating discomfort was a game changer for this Chiropractor.


Experienced two miracles and got her life back within a few months.


Tried everything else to no avail after having a life threatening event and now after a year she has her life back.


Miraculously overcame life long nerve damage in her feet along with many other life changing benefits.

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